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:: Comb Binding & Scanning To File Services

Here is a brief outline of some of the other services we provide.

:: Scan to File

Scan to file is the capability to scan an image, document or graphic, and save it as a computer readable digital file. These files can be stored on a hard disk, saved to CD or other digital media and printed out as a perfect document or image as often as you like.

If your originals are in danger of becoming unreadable or dog-eared they can be scanned and a permanent copy held on USB drive, CD, flash drive or portable hard drive. Often they can then be improved using our image manipulation software. These can then be printed off when new or subsequent copies are needed.

:: Raster to Vector

We can also scan a drawing and then convert it so it can be read and altered in a CAD package.

:: Comb Binding

Comb bindingComb Binding. This consists of a black plastic comb attached to the spine of a document, with the option of an acetate front sheet and cardback to complete the presentation.

This process helps preserve a document from general wear and tear, aids viewing and maintains the correct ordering of pages. Another benefit is that additional sheets can be quickly inserted at a later date.

A plastic comb binding service can be used for creating booklets from groups of pages.

Plastic comb binding provides an attractive and economical way to bind important documents.


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